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Branding and Intellectual Property (IP)

Good branding and use of IP adds great value to any organisation, and our brave new multimedia world is full of branding and IP opportunities and challenges for the modern marketeer. We can help you to understand the issues, acquire the right assets, exploit the opportunities, and avoid expensive future problems. Where needed, we work with experienced professionals, solicitors, patent, trademark and design attorneys, to protect and exploit your IP.

Strategy and Consultancy

Not everyone is good at everything! In particular, many smaller business owners and managers have to be very focused upon running their businesses, and have little chance to step back and conduct objective reviews, and limited experience of alternative sales and marketing methods and operations. We can provide you with a detailed assessment of your sales and/or marketing operations, and recommend improvements and new opportunities, according to the priorities of your brief.

Sales and Marketing - operations & campaigns

Whether you need help with new operations or campaigns, or experienced people to assist with existing sales or marketing activities, we can provide professional support to meet your requirements. Advertising, PR, direct marketing, social media, sponsorship, shows/events, web-based, telephone and face-to-face sales and customer support services are all available.

Market Research

Many organisations have never been through a structured process of identifying the key information required for success in their market(s), and then planning and implementing the best way to acquire, process, analyse and use the data. But every business and organisation can benefit a great deal from the reliable, up-to-date information which objective research into clients, markets, competitors etc. provides.